Monthly Family Subscription Box
  • This subscription box is a great size for a 2-4 person family that eats beef 2-3 times per week (totaling 11-12 meals in a month) Specific cuts will vary per category.


    2 Hearty Roasts

    6 Delicious Steaks (2 per package)

    5 Ground Beef (1lb per package)

    1-2 Other Cuts (may include Stew Meat, Flanken or Short Ribs, Meaty Soup Bones)


    This box will average 19-20lbs but may vary based on individual steak cuts (Rib Steaks can average upwards of 24oz PER steak, while Tenderloin/Filet Mignon will be smaller at 6-8oz) and roast size (we will occasionally include a Prime Rib Roast, Brisket or Tri-Tip that will be larger than the average 2-3lb roast cut)


    Try one month to see if the sizing is correct for you, and then sign up for monthly renewal to save!


    Subscribe and save 25% per box, No cancelation fees!


    Local delivery (within 50 miles) and pickup are available - if you would like your box shipped, please contact us for shipping costs PRIOR to placing your order

    Monthly Family Subscription Box

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